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Business Telephone Services (VoIP)

The digital voice era has begun long ago and we are here to make an impact. Business telephone services have become one of the most dynamic ways of effective business communication. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) also known as Voice over IP is the perfect blend of efficient usage of communication protocols, proven methodologies and intuitive technologies. As it is popularly known, it is a service which enables your business to broadcast data, images, and voice through the internet. It significantly reduces long-distance telephone charges and saves a lot in your pocket. Rightly, VoIP is regarded as the best transmission technique for the delivery of digital clarity voice communications and multimedia sessions. VoIP connects directly to your internet connection with a compatible modem or router. Your calls are routed over the internet using the best standards, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Our defined infrastructure is best-in-class to provide crystal-clear voice communication.

Concoct VoIP services employ the three key Es; Easy, Even, Economical. We realize the importance of your calls and so ensure to use only the newest technology for a supreme customer satisfaction and high quality digital voice. More so, our easy-to-use plans help to save on your telephone bills. Using VoIP, you can make and receive phone calls over your high speed internet connection. Calls using our VoIP services reduce communication and infrastructure costs because the phone calls are routed over private data networks to avoid the need for separate voice and data networks. Major influences to call quality include speed of the internet connection and the quality of the equipment.

At Concoct, we ensure your calls using our VoIP service are sent using the smallest data packet size which helps minimize data loss caused due to internet congestion.
VoIP service where your voice goes digital!